春雪 :: The Spring Snow

26/4/10: (1) The mountain ridges to the north and the plains to the south
(2) the peach-red raincoat
(3) A girl from the mountain villages
(4) "Snow in the spring like this - is it harmful to the animals?
(5) "It's a weapon," the girl coldly replies
(6) My vigilance is aroused
(7) I follow the suspicious girl alone
(8) The girl in the peach-red raincoat is walking quickly
(9) From the middle of them comes the sharp, piercing squeal of a pig
(10) A fastidious doctor's robe
(11) "Grandfather, this money's short two mao"
(12) "Citizen comrades!"
(13) "So poor they can't even buy wool socks."
(14) I must make this person clear
(15) "She's just a village girl - She's no good."
(16) Cries out bitterly
(17) As if she was chopping wood with a swift axe
(18) "We're free!"
(19) "A salary-receiving government employee"
(20) Snow in the springtime

Found Stories, and Stories in Languages

11/22/09: The Fatalist I: "And I propose to you, to find out if there is, or is not, predestination!" - "Two hundred rubles!"
11/29/09: The Fatalist II: "Either do something or go home!"
12/05/09: The Fatalist III: - click - "Vzyal shapku i vzyal dengi i poshyol domoi."
11/11/09: After V once, one still wishes to V again.
1/23/10: The Odyssey II
11/11/09: Rome
11/03/09: "A Monk and a Devil talking on a Mountain"
11/11/09: The Alien


Comrade Ungern

6/3/08: Late at night, Ungern communicates with her Shadowy Foreign Masters
6/5/08: Things about Ungern's neighbor's dog
6/19/08: [The Spider] The Spider that lives in Ungern's shower demands that she start buying brand name shampoo
6/29/08: Fur Elise
7/1/08: Ungern is infatuated with a Barista at the Zam-Zama
7/7/o8: [The Angel] Ungern met an Angel once when she was younger
7/10/08: [The Angel] How the Angel died
7/11/08: [The Angel]Ungern and the Streetmap of Heaven
7/13/08: [The Angel] It's foggy up there...
9/18/08: Ungern and her students talk about Feminist Criticism


Stages of the Way from Litang to Lijiang, over about a Month

9/9/09: The Plateau in February
11/9/09: The Litang River, and the nomads on the other side
27/9/09: We talk at cross-purposes over bowls of tea
03/10/09: The ruins of monasteries on the riverbank, and beyond it blue plains.
11/11/09: "Is it true that in the city there is a machine that...?"

A Dream of the Mountain
(This will not be continued)

Mohammed: The expedition at its start has eight members.
Mohammed: "Otherwise you will not reach it."
The Desert: The Translator says nothing.
The Desert: Interminable, dusty wasteland.
The Desert: The city was not destroyed by violence.
The Dream: Enfolding his fingers
The Dream: The absence of a tower
The Dream: Vegetation and masonry
The Desert: "I'm not sick."
The Desert: Captain and Sailors
The Desert: The Storm
Afterward: The Lake

The Story of the Bear
(This will be expanded and continued)

7/15/08: [Col. Sternberg] Bokhara, City of Light
7/17/08: O Bokhara! Thou art the sky. (Rudaki)
7/22/08 The Kafir Princess and the Hindu Kush
7/24/08 Her Mujahid Lover, Exile, and the Curse

The Zam Zama Cadre: Comrade Finger and Zhen Daomei

6/7/08: Ungern goes out for her Cadre meeting
6/9/08: Down at the Zam-Zama
6/11/08: Ungern isn't always sure what her comrades are talking about
6/27/08: [Comrade Finger ] Meanwhile, down at the Zam-Zama...
7/1/08: Ungern is infatuated with a Barista at the Zam-Zama



Sun Wukong and the
Journey to the Western Paradise

10/16/08: "Om Mani Padme Hum," the Abbot says.
10/17/08: "What's your road, man?"
10/20/08: Kingfisher. Those guys only drink Kingfisher.
10/22/08: You remember the bit in Cheech and Chong where they try the Space Coke, it's kind of like that.
10/24/08: "We are pilgrims..."
10/27/08: "That idiot Zhu Bajie," he says to himself.
10/29/08: "But what's he done since then, man?"
10/31/08: Wanna try something weird? Start 'Dark Side of the Moon' right when the guy turns into the lizard.
11/03/08: "Oh wait, you're not, you're not, hah, STRAIGHT, are you?"
11/05/08: He starts to giggle. "No, I'm, I'm totally serious."
11/07/08: They become like lotuses.
11/10/08: Then they flee into the desert.
11/12/08: “This is one interpretation,” said the Abbot.
11/14/08: Warner Brother's Pictures Present:
11/18/08: “Unnnnng,” says Chou Long.
12/08/08: At nightfall, they find a stream.
7/10/09: They light up and wait for a car.
7/12/09: "Do you have any idea how much heroin is in this van?"

The Adventures of Avi and Hannibal on the Continental Divide

8/29/09: Nirvana
9/3/09: Heartbreak
9/3/09: In-Tents Conversations 1, 2
10/28/09: Stabbed!

The Spider that Lives in Ungern's Shower

6/19/08: [Comrade Ungern] The Spider that lives in Ungern's shower demands that she start buying brand name shampoo
6/22/08: The Spider asks existential questions
9/16/08: The Spider discusses his Medium
7/18/09: The Spider does "Macbeth"

Col. Sternberg and Timmy the Yak

6/1/08: Sternberg and Timmy set out
6/13/08: Col. Sternberg rides across the Ruwenzori
6/25/08: [Helicopter Fish] Helicopter Fish Sighting No. 1
7/3/08: The escape of Colonel Bailey


Photos from Places

The Tibet Treks:
February to July 2009, travelling on foot in Sichuan, Yunnan, and Qinghai.
Kham Trek I: Kangding & Mugecuo to Litang
Kham Trek I: Losar, Litang to Muli County
Yunnan Trek: Lugu Lake to Lijiang
Amdo Trek: Kumbum Monastery to Guinan, Xinghai
Amdo Trek: Xinghai to Amnye Machen & the AM Kora
Amdo Trek: Amnye Machen to Huanghe Xiang
Kham Trek II: Wuming Buddhist College to Baiyu County
Tibetan Doors and Windows

Other Places:
China: Songpan, Hong Kong, Chengdu Pandas, Wutai Shan & Yuanshuo's house, The Balcony in Beijing, Beijing Hiking, Xining
Nepal: Kathmandu and the Helambu Trek
USA: Boston, CDT New Mexico, CDT Colorado

Hamlet Drawings

Act I Scene 1: "...Come most carefully upon your hour."
Act I Scene 3: "...Unsifted in such perilous circumstance."
Act I Scene 4: "Why thy canonized bones, hearsed in death..."
Act III Scene 2: "Belike this show imparts the argument of the play."
Act IV Scene 4: "They say the owl was a baker's daughter."
Act V Scene 1: "'Tis for the dead, not for the quick..."

The Angel

7/7/o8: [Ungern] Ungern met an Angel once when she was younger
7/10/08: [Ungern] How the Angel died
7/11/08: [Ungern]Ungern and the Language of the Holy
7/13/08: [Ungern] It's foggy up there...


6/17/08: Suddenly filled with great ambition, Michael dons his Viking hat, emerges from the basement, and asks to borrow the car
6/15/08: [Karl Marx: 01] Marx and the Machines

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