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Adapted and Illustrated for a class called Art and Violence in the Cultural Revoluion


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Aug 27th 09: BACK - AGAIN! Hannibal is yet again back in Boston, this time for the long run. He's going to college and will almost certainly be crankin' out comics as well.

Jul 5th 2009: BACK! Hannibal has just spent the last five months hiking across Tibet. He wanted to spend the summer too but he got deported. Now he is back in Boston and making comics instead. Tracie is coming back from Sicily. We are also going to be re-working the site format.

Oct 29 2008: New Hamlet drawings!

Oct 16 2008: Hannibal is now living in Beijing, People's Republic of China. He's pretty busy now with studying Chinese, but he will try to produce comics as well.

Sep 15 2008: The long trough of ennui is over, and Ungern and Sternberg is back on air! Sorry everyone (you know who you are) for the long hiatus. Will be updating regularly from now on, except possibly for a blip in a few weeks while Hannibal moves back to China. 中国快乐啊 !

July 16 2008: Ungern and Sternberg has a new website! This is it. It was very kindly put together by Rae who was paid in food. Hannibal draws the comics and his picture is below. Tracie is creative consultant.

The comic updates every two days. Sometimes when Hannibal falls asleep without warning it gets updated every three or four.



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春雪 :: The Spring Snow

26/4/10: (1) The mountain ridges to the north and the plains to the south
(2) the peach-red raincoat
(3) A girl from the mountain villages
(4) "Snow in the spring like this - is it harmful to the animals?
(5) "It's a weapon," the girl coldly replies
(6) My vigilance is aroused
(7) I follow the suspicious girl alone
(8) The girl in the peach-red raincoat is walking quickly
(9) From the middle of them comes the sharp, piercing squeal of a pig
(10) A fastidious doctor's robe
(11) "Grandfather, this money's short two mao"
(12) "Citizen comrades!"
(13) "So poor they can't even buy wool socks."
(14) I must make this person clear
(15) "She's just a village girl - She's no good."
(16) Cries out bitterly
(17) As if she was chopping wood with a swift axe
(18) "We're free!"
(19) "A salary-receiving government employee"
(20) Snow in the springtime

Found Stories, and Stories in Languages

11/22/09: The Fatalist I: "And I propose to you, to find out if there is, or is not, predestination!" - "Two hundred rubles!"
11/29/09: The Fatalist II: "Either do something or go home!"
12/05/09: The Fatalist III: - click - "Vzyal shapku i vzyal dengi i poshyol domoi."
11/11/09: After V once, one still wishes to V again.
1/23/10: The Odyssey II
11/11/09: Rome
11/03/09: "A Monk and a Devil talking on a Mountain"
11/11/09: The Alien


Comrade Ungern

6/3/08: Late at night, Ungern communicates with her Shadowy Foreign Masters
6/5/08: Things about Ungern's neighbor's dog
6/19/08: [The Spider] The Spider that lives in Ungern's shower demands that she start buying brand name shampoo
6/29/08: Fur Elise
7/1/08: Ungern is infatuated with a Barista at the Zam-Zama
7/7/o8: [The Angel] Ungern met an Angel once when she was younger
7/10/08: [The Angel] How the Angel died
7/11/08: [The Angel]Ungern and the Streetmap of Heaven
7/13/08: [The Angel] It's foggy up there...
9/18/08: Ungern and her students talk about Feminist Criticism


Stages of the Way from Litang to Lijiang, over about a Month

9/9/09: The Plateau in February
11/9/09: The Litang River, and the nomads on the other side
27/9/09: We talk at cross-purposes over bowls of tea
03/10/09: The ruins of monasteries on the riverbank, and beyond it blue plains.
11/11/09: "Is it true that in the city there is a machine that...?"

A Dream of the Mountain
(This will not be continued)

Mohammed: The expedition at its start has eight members.
Mohammed: "Otherwise you will not reach it."
The Desert: The Translator says nothing.
The Desert: Interminable, dusty wasteland.
The Desert: The city was not destroyed by violence.
The Dream: Enfolding his fingers
The Dream: The absence of a tower
The Dream: Vegetation and masonry
The Desert: "I'm not sick."
The Desert: Captain and Sailors
The Desert: The Storm
Afterward: The Lake

The Story of the Bear
(This will be expanded and continued)

7/15/08: [Col. Sternberg] Bokhara, City of Light
7/17/08: O Bokhara! Thou art the sky. (Rudaki)
7/22/08 The Kafir Princess and the Hindu Kush
7/24/08 Her Mujahid Lover, Exile, and the Curse

The Zam Zama Cadre: Comrade Finger and Zhen Daomei

6/7/08: Ungern goes out for her Cadre meeting
6/9/08: Down at the Zam-Zama
6/11/08: Ungern isn't always sure what her comrades are talking about
6/27/08: [Comrade Finger ] Meanwhile, down at the Zam-Zama...
7/1/08: Ungern is infatuated with a Barista at the Zam-Zama



Sun Wukong and the
Journey to the Western Paradise

10/16/08: "Om Mani Padme Hum," the Abbot says.
10/17/08: "What's your road, man?"
10/20/08: Kingfisher. Those guys only drink Kingfisher.
10/22/08: You remember the bit in Cheech and Chong where they try the Space Coke, it's kind of like that.
10/24/08: "We are pilgrims..."
10/27/08: "That idiot Zhu Bajie," he says to himself.
10/29/08: "But what's he done since then, man?"
10/31/08: Wanna try something weird? Start 'Dark Side of the Moon' right when the guy turns into the lizard.
11/03/08: "Oh wait, you're not, you're not, hah, STRAIGHT, are you?"
11/05/08: He starts to giggle. "No, I'm, I'm totally serious."
11/07/08: They become like lotuses.
11/10/08: Then they flee into the desert.
11/12/08: “This is one interpretation,” said the Abbot.
11/14/08: Warner Brother's Pictures Present:
11/18/08: “Unnnnng,” says Chou Long.
12/08/08: At nightfall, they find a stream.
7/10/09: They light up and wait for a car.
7/12/09: "Do you have any idea how much heroin is in this van?"

The Adventures of Avi and Hannibal on the Continental Divide

8/29/09: Nirvana
9/3/09: Heartbreak
9/3/09: In-Tents Conversations 1, 2
10/28/09: Stabbed!

The Spider that Lives in Ungern's Shower

6/19/08: [Comrade Ungern] The Spider that lives in Ungern's shower demands that she start buying brand name shampoo
6/22/08: The Spider asks existential questions
9/16/08: The Spider discusses his Medium
7/18/09: The Spider does "Macbeth"

Col. Sternberg and Timmy the Yak

6/1/08: Sternberg and Timmy set out
6/13/08: Col. Sternberg rides across the Ruwenzori
6/25/08: [Helicopter Fish] Helicopter Fish Sighting No. 1
7/3/08: The escape of Colonel Bailey


Photos from Places

The Tibet Treks:
February to July 2009, travelling on foot in Sichuan, Yunnan, and Qinghai.
Kham Trek I: Kangding & Mugecuo to Litang
Kham Trek I: Losar, Litang to Muli County
Yunnan Trek: Lugu Lake to Lijiang
Amdo Trek: Kumbum Monastery to Guinan, Xinghai
Amdo Trek: Xinghai to Amnye Machen & the AM Kora
Amdo Trek: Amnye Machen to Huanghe Xiang
Kham Trek II: Wuming Buddhist College to Baiyu County
Tibetan Doors and Windows

Other Places:
China: Songpan, Hong Kong, Chengdu Pandas, Wutai Shan & Yuanshuo's house, The Balcony in Beijing, Beijing Hiking, Xining
Nepal: Kathmandu and the Helambu Trek
USA: Boston, CDT New Mexico, CDT Colorado

Hamlet Drawings

Act I Scene 1: "...Come most carefully upon your hour."
Act I Scene 3: "...Unsifted in such perilous circumstance."
Act I Scene 4: "Why thy canonized bones, hearsed in death..."
Act III Scene 2: "Belike this show imparts the argument of the play."
Act IV Scene 4: "They say the owl was a baker's daughter."
Act V Scene 1: "'Tis for the dead, not for the quick..."

The Angel

7/7/o8: [Ungern] Ungern met an Angel once when she was younger
7/10/08: [Ungern] How the Angel died
7/11/08: [Ungern]Ungern and the Language of the Holy
7/13/08: [Ungern] It's foggy up there...


6/17/08: Suddenly filled with great ambition, Michael dons his Viking hat, emerges from the basement, and asks to borrow the car
6/15/08: [Karl Marx: 01] Marx and the Machines

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